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Her Story: The Women Of Belle Meade

Quick Details

General Admission Ages 17+
Youth Ages 7-17

Learn about the Women of Belle Meade!

Experience history with the Women of Belle Meade tour, a thought provoking 45-minute guided experience that sheds light on the remarkable stories of women who were once enslaved and discover the captivating tales of the women from the Harding and Jackson families. These women contributed significantly to Belle Meade’s legacy. Delve into the rich narratives of resilience, strength, and triumph as you explore the lives of these extraordinary women who played pivotal roles  Join us for an empowering exploration of the Women of Belle Meade and the diverse stories that have left an indelible mark on this historic estate.

Time & Location

The tour will take a guest through the 1853 Greek Revival Mansion focusing solely on the Women of Belle Meade. The tour is given once daily at 11:45 AM and is $30 per person.


Due to the tour being offered once a day, it is suggested to arrive 15 minutes early as to be sure you do not miss the tour.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the extra time our staff has dedicated to creating this special, seasonal tour no refunds are available.

Wheelchair Access

The grounds are wheelchair accessible and the first floor of the Mansion is also wheelchair accessible with a ramp to the side porch. Please bring your own wheelchair, walker, cane, or scooter to ensure your comfort. There is an elevator that provides service between the lower and upper levels of the Visitor Center.