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Journey to Jubilee

Quick Details

Weekday Mon - Thurs
Adults 18+
Seniors 65+
Youth 7-17
Weekend Fri - Sun
Adults 18+
Seniors 65+
Youth 7-17

Gain insight into the history of enslavement, contract labor, and the enduring legacy of Black Heritage in thoroughbred horse racing

Journey to Jubilee focuses on the history of enslavement through Emancipation and contracted labor not only at Belle Meade but across plantations in the state of Tennessee and across the United States as a whole.

Discover more about enslavement in the thoroughbred horse racing industry and the other types of skilled laborers enslaved here at Belle Meade. This tour will discuss the harsh realities of the institution of slavery. Enslaved people of all ages, including children, were present here from the plantation’s beginning in 1807 through the adoption of the 13th amendment in Tennessee in 1865. They survived and while their stories are most often tragic, the way enslaved people persevered is also inspiring. Using research from primary sources, over one hundred years of this crucial history is explored. Historically documentation related to enslavement is hard to find, therefore our aim is also to hold space and honor those whose stories have been forgotten.

This walking tour takes place inside the kitchen house and outside. The path of this tour takes place at multiple points across our property to help guests understand both history and the physical layout of our property. The tour is followed by a complimentary wine tasting (age 21+) in the Winery.

To learn more about the development of  the Journey to Jubilee Tour, please visit our African American Studies page.

Please Note: Our goal for this tour is speak freely and honestly about the realities of Slavery, including the difficult subject matter related to all violence. Therefore, we recommend this tour for guests aged 12 and older. However, we believe that the story of slavery is an important one for children to learn. Therefore, we offer our “Stories of Slavery and Freedom” program for families with children ages 4-12.  For more information and to purchase tickets for this special tour, please click here.

Discounted tickets for military available on-site at Tickets & Guest Services inside our Visitor’s Center.

Duration & Location

  • 60 minutes
  • Every guest must either purchase tickets online and check in at our Visitor’s Center or purchase tickets in the Visitor’s Center.